‘Seven’ is a multi - talented artist, rapper, producer, and C.E.O of his own

Music Company and business from ‘Los Angeles (California) ‘USA’. ‘Seven’ aka

‘Sevens Muzik’, started in the music game originally as a freelance producer

working for independent and major labels such as, ‘Sony Music’, ‘Eazy E’s’

legendary ‘Ruthless Records’ and also did some work for ‘Dr Dre’s’ first label

home, the infamous ‘Death Row Records’. ‘Seven’ began his passion for music

growing up on the sunny streets of ‘Southern California,’ listening to the

legendary sounds of the originators of ‘West Coast ‘Rap’, pioneering artists

such as ‘Ice T’, ‘N.W.A’, ‘Above The Law’, ‘Dr. Dre’, ‘Ice Cube’ and ‘Dj Quik’.  Seven was also inspired by the classic sounds of the 60's and,70's, as well as the electric sound of the 80’s and old school funk. ‘Seven’ was highly influenced by the combination of  music and the street lifestyle he grew up around in, which has lead to the creativity expressed in his tracks, that help his fans paint a picture of what it was like and is to live in the harder sides of ‘Southern California’.  Every day you have to hustle and grind to survive in these streets.
Having the opportunity to work with many major and independent artists along the road due to the buzz he created ‘Seven’ soon began to develop his own rap style which he combines with a little singing. After perfecting his talents, he has gained the right attention both on and out the hood, and is tipped as one of the hottest artists in the independent game. ‘Seven’ is proud to be a current member of one of ‘Los Angeles’s original low -rider car clubs ‘TECHNIQUES’, and here his talent and music is respected by the club and fellow low-rider clubs..
‘Seven’ expresses his point of view on today’s west coast low-rider ‘Hip Hop’ lifestyle and culture in his music while injecting a twist of old school funk, keeping it smooth with enough venom to keep the gangster pimp conversation going to the streets, this all helps to maintain and keeps his street credibility, Seven keeps his ear to the streets, and represents his brand in everything he does. Thanks to his music, ‘Seven’ has travelled the world performing his music from ‘Latin America’, ‘Europe’, to ‘Japan’. ‘Sevens’ music has also been featured in major films, "KLOVN Forever", "Sex Ed", and in TV shows "In Plain Sight", "Dexter", "Franklin & Bash", "Shameless", and  also in a tattoo documentary called "Tattoo Nation".
Throughout his career as a producer, ‘Seven’ has produced, co - written, and engineered over 16 albums from start to finish, and has produced tracks and featured in over 30 albums worldwide. As an artist, he has commercially released 2 full length albums written and produced by him, "7 Million Ways" in 2002, "F.A.M.E" in 2009, and two mix-tapes "Family Business" 2006, "Public Enemy" 2010. In 2004 he toured along with fellow known rapper Big CAZ as an opening act for ‘Bone Thugz n Harmony’, and in 2007 he headlined his own tour in ‘Japan’ along with fellow known rapper ‘Mr. Shadow’.
Seven has also been featured, and interviewed by many media outlets and magazines such as, ‘Music Connection’, ‘Low-rider Magazine’, ‘Latin Rap Magazine’, ‘Wheels Magazine’, ‘Custom Low-riding’ Japan, Rolling Stone ‘Japan,’, ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’. ‘Seven’ is currently working on and wrapping up his 3rd solo album titled "Smooth Criminal" with interest from ‘LRT/Ingrooves/Universal’. His last two singles "Get To Know U" and "Life Ain't Easy"  had spins on several college and commercial radio stations across the U.S., as well as on line radio websites. ‘Seven is an artist who should not be ignored and has the talent to go very far in the industry, and aspires to being a positive role model for the younger generation.


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